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Sagebrush Coffee sells Baratza Coffee Grinders exclusively

Over the years, we have used countless brands of coffee grinders and honestly liked a bunch of them.  When it came time to sell a coffee grinder for our business we had a decision to make.  We could either open up sales for several trusted brands, or pick our favorite and support them.  We love Baratza grinders, we so decided to pick our favorite.

Why would I do this?  Because I am in love with these coffee grinders and this company.  In fact, my favorite part of these grinders and the primary reason we offer them, is how easy they are to work on and repair.  I know that doesn't sound great, but over time every grinder will need some service and adjustment, these are the best when that time comes.  If you buy a grinder to throw away after a few years, then this doesn't matter to you.  However, inevitably the burrs will wear, the grinder will need adjustments.  We love these Baratza coffee grinders, because they grinder as well on day 1 as they do on day 3,650.

No matter which Baratza Coffee Grinder you pick, you will be happy that you chose it.

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