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Immersion brewing has a tendency to develop a more dense coffee.  It kind of makes sense, I mean you're brewing with the water and beans in contact for a longer period of time.  So the coffee comes out more bold / more heavy.  If that's your thing, then the French press is for you.  It really is the most popular method for a reason.  Its very easy to use and makes a cup of coffee that is much better than your typical coffee pot brewer.

Shipping Note:

Although we have the same $25 free shipping policy for our brewing equipment, in most cases we will ship the equipment ground.  The only cases that we will ship it Priority is if we can fit the entirety of the order in a flat rate box, but that decision will be made on an as shipment basis and unfortunately will have to be communicated to you at the time of shipping.

About This French Press:

There are many french presses out there.  Some are really cool and eventually we'll offer them.  We picked the Yama Glass ones, because for my money these hand blown presses are very nice.  I love the glass they use and the feel of all of their products.  Don't mistake the low price for low quality.  These guys make incredible products and have some very high end siphon brewers (although we don't offer those...yet).

Tech Specs:

These are hand blow glass in Taiwan.  I order them from a local US distributor and love them.  However, English tech specs are hard to come by.

  • The 2 Cup model produces 10oz of coffee
  • The 6 Cup model produces 30oz of coffee
  • Both units are dishwasher safe and glass portion is microwave safe.
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