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Pour over is the new French Press.  About 25 years ago, my folks got a french press. Everyone thought it was the best coffee ever.  It was as if brewing something outside of a coffee pot was a new idea, and they had just stumbled on it.  They weren't alone.  I feel like in today's home coffee setup the pour over is becoming the same thing.  And I'll be honest, it's great.  I love a pour over.  It's my go to brewing method.  In fact, I'm writing this late in the evening, watching the Dbacks and drinking our Ethiopian Decaf from a V60 pour over on the Hario brewer in this kit.

There are several components of a good pour over system.

The Kettle:

There are so many kettles out there that I love.  I have a problem because I love buying handmade custom kettles.  However, I have used the Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle for years, and it is my old standby.  This gooseneck kettle is sleek and elegant.  It holds about 1L of water and heats the water more quickly than any stovetop kettle I've seen.

The V60 Dripper:

Once again, there are a lot of choices.  Ceramic, copper, glass, plastic, who knows what else.  I personally, like ceramic. There is a reason the Hario is the standard.  

One note, don't be fooled by the 'pour overs' at the grocery store.  If it is a #2 brewing cone, it is not a true pour over.  It is something different, and I'm not a fan.  Only get a V60 dripper...they're my favorite. Although I do like the Kalita Wave, that's another thing altogether. Maybe we'll offer those one day.

The Filters:

These are truly the best filters out there, so we might as well include them in the kit because once you use them, you'll never go back to the ones at the grocery store.

Shipping Note:

As with almost everything we sell, this falls into our free priority shipping category.

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