Two New Favorites Gold Label Bundle

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It is time to update the Two Favorites Bundle again and this time I two new coffees that are outstanding.  The El Salvador Loma La Gloria our batch of the famous Anny Ruth coffee. We've chosen to pair it with our new Guatemala Chimaltenango coffee. You will discover a special nuance of flavor with every sip. 

Coffees Included:

El Salvador Loma La Gloria Yellow Honey Gold Label Coffee:

I just took a sip of this coffee, it is so rich and smooth.  I love the sweetness of this bean. There are hints of toasted almonds and caramel. The yellow honey process, I believe, makes this coffee a very rich and bold Latin American coffee. I love it!

Guatemala Chimaltenango Microlot: 

Guatemalan coffees are rich in flavor with an underlying sweetness and are often among our best selling offerings. Fruit and Chocolate is always a winning combination and the Guatemala Chimaltenango perfectly balances rich sweetness with gentle acidity.

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