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Bundle Description:

We've added a lot of new coffees lately (it's that time of year), so this bundle could be just about anything.  I've been thinking about it for a bit and decided that the Ethiopian Chire is truly my favorite new offering.  It's really because I'm sucker for dry process Ethiopian coffee beans.  Then I paired it with what I would call our most accessible coffee.  The El Salvador Finca San Marcelino is a coffee that I think every single coffee drinker would love.  It has great coffee flavor and is both chocolatey and nutty.  It's a real treat.

Coffees Included:

Ethiopia Dry Process Chire Gold Label:  Fruit forward dry process Ethiopian coffee.  If I'm looking for a coffee, those are the only words I need to get me to try it.  I love the complexity of an Ethiopian coffee.  I love the fruitiness of a good dry process and I love the chocolate finish.  This coffee is the best one that I expect to have this year.  It's perfection in a cup. 

El Salvador Finca San Marcelino:  Does anyone remember Guatemala Los Santos?  It was a nutty Guatemalan coffee that no one could get enough of.  We offered it for years and it was a top seller the entire time. Then we stopped being able to get it and I think we've been lacking in our offerings ever since.  This coffee bean is that coffee, only I believe better.  It is the nuttiest offering that we've had in a while, but it's smooth and sweet like caramel or amaretto.  If you like a nutty coffee, you need to look no further.

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