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Bundle Description:

The two favorites bundle tends to rotate a lot.  We just launched several new coffees and I cannot get enough of them.  I'm pairing the new Ethiopian Gedeb Gold Label with the new crop year of an old favorite Panama Santa Teresa.  These two complement each other well, but most importantly they are my two new favorite coffees.

Coffees Included:

Ethiopia Gedeb Gold Label: This washed Ethiopian coffee bean is everything you want in a perfect Yirgacheffe.  It is clean, complex, slightly fruited and perfectly floral.  It has a nice complex aged black tea mouthfeel with crisp graham cracker notes.  We roast it light to medium to draw as much of this complexity out of it.  

Panama Santa Teresa Washed: This coffee generates a nice smooth cup of coffee. The roast level we like on this Panama coffee bean draws out the chocolate and berries and leaves some of the citrus in the background.  If we went darker, it'd be a good rich chocolate coffee, but I cannot resist the mix of summer berries in this coffee, so we pushed the chocolate down and drew out those flavors.  Granted, this is not a highly fruited cup of's no dry process Ethiopian, but it still possesses that bold flavor. It is truly a great smooth chocolatey Panama coffee.  We recommend you brew this one hot, but when it cools or is served on ice, it is also quite amazing!

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