Sumatra Organic Bener Meriah Gold Label Coffee

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Organic Bener Meriah Gold Label Sumatran Coffee Tasting Notes:

I just looked it up.  This coffee is our first ever Gold Label Sumatran coffee.  That makes sense, because from the first sip I thought, "That's the best Sumatran coffee I've ever tasted."  It is more complex than many.  It is rich and sweet like a good caramel.  It has a complexity like a perfect pipe tobacco (a Virginia Cavendish if you ask me).  On that note, I'm reluctant to put the tobacco in the description, because I think that'd scare people off.  However, you know how pipe tobacco has so much better of an aroma than cigar or cigarette?  This is along those lines, that sweet, smokey flavor.  It's quite good.


Sumatran coffees are known for their processing method. Rather than washed or natural, these beans go through a semi-washed, or wet-hulled process that is a combination of the prior two. After the coffee has been picked, it is pulped through a hand-cranked drum that removes almost all of the fruit and mucilage from the bean. After fermentation, the rest of the pulp is washed from the beans. 


Roast Level: Full City Plus (Dark)
Processing: Semi Washed Process
Region: Aceh
Flavor Notes: Caramel, Dried Fruit, Rich Pipe Tobacco
Certification: Direct Trade
Takengon, Bener Meriah, Ungkup Sambul
Altitude: 1500-1800m
Ateng, Bergendal, Djember (Arabica)


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