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Last year we offered this coffee and roasted it medium.  We recently received a couple of bags of it and I decided that I like it better a little bit darker.  It's actually a pretty versatile bean, so it's good either way.  However, if you've ordered it in the past, expect this one to be a little bit more rich and chocolatey than in the past.  The darker roast takes some of the tea like flavor out of it and I'm enjoying it more that way.

Tasting Notes:

Lake Toba Sumatrans are usually my favorite.  It has the typical Sumatran earthiness from that volcanic soil that comes from the region.  I love the black tea, chocolate flavor of this bean.  As is my typical practice with Sumatran, these are roasted as dark as anything we sell.  For those of you that know more about the roasting process, I still never hit the 2nd crack, but I get pretty darn close.  The 2nd crack of the roasting process adds a bitter unwanted burnt taste to the bean.  That is avoided at all costs, but this bean needs a dark roast to get the perfect chocolateyness, so I get as close as I can to that crack without hitting it.  That process really makes the best Sumatran coffee I've been able to find.


Roast Level: Full City Plus (Dark)
Processing: Semi-Washed Process
Region: Lake Toba, Lintong
Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Vanilla, Black Tea
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Multiple
Altitude: 1250-1450m
Varietal: Ateng, Bergendal, Djember


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nice coffee

the delicious coffee I like it. nice packaging

Great dark roast

I get chocolates and berries from this coffee. I have avoided dark roast Sumatran coffees since I used to get bitter flavors from them. This however is a great full bodied coffee which I thought enjoyed. I probably will get again if it is still available when I’m ready for it.


Both options were very good. Will purchase again.

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New Flavors

Every cup seems to a new flavor- an enjoyable flavor. I sure like the Ethiopia coffees always good and this one of my favorites.

Best customer service!

I purchased the sampler 2 pack and received the Kenya Gold and the Costa Rica which is a rich honey process ! They both are great.. Ground for my Kuerig

Very strong but not in flavor

Maybe I ordered the wrong coffee?

Guatemala Antigua Santos Coffee

This is I think one of our favorites! My wife who is Russian says its like fine caviar! We will be ordering more!!!

Excellent coffee, excellent service, delivered fast.

Needed a quick gift for clients that understand quality. Received Sagebrush coffee within two days. Clients loved it.