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Sumatra Mandheling Espresso Roast Coffee

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Tasting Notes:

Last year's Sumatran coffee was one of the most versatile and popular beans.  When we ran out, I felt like we had a lot to live up to with the new one. I selected this sample, because it had a similar expected flavor profile to last years. I figured this would help with our committed customer base who could continue to enjoy what they loved about the Aceh Gold coffee.  What I didn't expect was that it would be this much better. It still has that earthy Sumatran flavor, but it finishes amazingly well and has a great deep bold chocolate to it.  This is a very good cup of coffee.

Mandheling is the name for the premiere coffee of Sumatra growing near Lake Tawar in the Northern tip of the Aceh region of Sumatra. There is no particular farm that these Sumatran beans came from, but a variety of small farms working together toward the common goal of producing great coffee beans.

This roast profile was specifically developed for people that drink their Sumatran coffee as an espresso or in a French Press. If you use a standard drip pot or a pour over, I recommend the standard roast of this same bean.


Roast Level: Full City +
Processing: Semi-Washed (Wet Process)
Varietal: Ateng, Bergendal, Djember Grade 1
Flavor Notes: Baker's Chocolate, Grapefruited Acidity
Three Word Description Chocolate Full Body

Customer Reviews

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nice coffee

the delicious coffee I like it. nice packaging

Great dark roast

I get chocolates and berries from this coffee. I have avoided dark roast Sumatran coffees since I used to get bitter flavors from them. This however is a great full bodied coffee which I thought enjoyed. I probably will get again if it is still available when I’m ready for it.


Both options were very good. Will purchase again.

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New Flavors

Every cup seems to a new flavor- an enjoyable flavor. I sure like the Ethiopia coffees always good and this one of my favorites.

Best customer service!

I purchased the sampler 2 pack and received the Kenya Gold and the Costa Rica which is a rich honey process ! They both are great.. Ground for my Kuerig

Very strong but not in flavor

Maybe I ordered the wrong coffee?

Guatemala Antigua Santos Coffee

This is I think one of our favorites! My wife who is Russian says its like fine caviar! We will be ordering more!!!

Excellent coffee, excellent service, delivered fast.

Needed a quick gift for clients that understand quality. Received Sagebrush coffee within two days. Clients loved it.