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Tasting Notes:

We have grown quite fond of the Gayo Mountain Sumatrans lately. They have the perfect balance of earthiness and chocolate richness.  That famous Sumatran earthiness that comes from the volcanic soil in this region is very prominent. Like all of our Sumatrans, this coffee's flavors are drawn out the most when it's roasted on the darker end of the spectrum.  For those of you that know more about the roasting process, we still never hit the 2nd crack, but we get pretty darn close.  The 2nd crack of the roasting process adds a bitter unwanted burnt taste to the bean.  That is avoided at all costs, but because this bean needs a dark roast to get the perfect chocolate flavor, we feel it's necessary to roast it a bit darker.  That roasting process really captures the best Sumatran coffee flavor.


This Sumatran offering comes from the Bergandal Farm located in the Bener Meriah sub district of the Gayo region. This estate was first established by a Dutch company in 1924. In 1946, coffee was planted — a mix of Tim Tim, Bourbon, and Ateng (Catimor). These varieties are still grown today. The farmer, Sakdan, comes from a family that used to work for the Dutch at the Bergandal Farm. His family was gifted a part of the farm and Sakdan and his family work the land to this day.


Roast Level: Full City Plus (Dark)
Processing: Semi Washed Process
Region: Gayo Mountain, Aceh
Flavor Notes: Almonds, Chocolate
Certification: Direct Trade
Bergandal Farm - Sakdan (Producer)
Altitude: 1450-1600m
Bourbon, Catimor (Arabica)


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