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Rwanda Nyamasheke Swiss Water® Process Decaf

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This Swiss Water® Process (SWP) decaf is one to not look past.  Rwandan coffees are some of the best we offer.  When you blend a nice bourbon bean with the rich soil of then Western Rwandan mountains, you get a great chocolate cup of coffee with amazing complexity.  This one is sweet like a wafer cookie to blend with the chocolate, maybe like a malted milk ball.  It has a nice cinnamon finish and a juicy mouthfeel.  If you're looking for something to blend as a half-caff coffee, this one works great with almost any other coffee.


Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Swiss Water® Process
Region: Africa
Flavor Notes: Malted Milk Balls, Cinnamon, Citrus
Body: Full Body, Complex
Classification Brown Label
Brew Methods: Drip, Chemex, Pour Over, Espresso
Country Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Several Small Farms
Producer: Three Cooperative wet-mills
Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1800-1900m

Rwanda Nyamasheke Swiss Water® Process Decaf Coffee Production:

This custom decaf is made up of three different Nyamasheke coffees, a district that straddles the southeastern side of Lake Kivu, in Rwanda. Between these three cooperative wet-mills, they serve upwards to 5000 small-holder farmers in the region, buying whole coffee cherry to be processed as both fully washed ("wet process") and natural ("dry process"). The coffee processing sites sit between 1800 and 1900 meters above sea level, and coffee is grown on up to just over 2000 meters. We purchased and sold all three of these coffees as single origin, non-decafs, and reserved a chunk of each to process as decaf as well. This is 100% Bourbon cultivar, which when grown at high altitudes produces a dense bean capable of producing a high level of sweetness. The decaffeination was handled by Swiss Water Decaf (where we have all our decafs processed!), who use a chemical-free decaf process to remove 99.9% of the caffeine, while leaving much of the volatile compounds intact.

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