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Our coffee orders are roasted and shipped the day after the order is placed. However if you would like us to wait a few days, just let us know by requesting a different roasting date at checkout.

Tasting Notes

Rwandan coffees are always a customer favorite.  This Rwandan has won a cup of excellence as this co-op seems to win every single year.  

In sampling this coffee, I have found that the lighter the better with this coffee.  It is an incredibly complex cup and has a strong of nuance of flavor.  It is sweet, slightly fruited with a red grape or a sweet melon flavor to it.  However, I do not think I can emphasize this enough.  This is a light roast coffee.  When I go darker, this coffee loses everything.  If I roast it light (so it has almost a green flavor), it is a unique and complex cup of coffee.

Note, this is a Gold Label because it is limited in stock and a very hard to come by coffee bean.  I do not expect to keep it year over year. In fact, I'll be surprised if it makes it through the holidays.

Coffee Production / Farm:

Located in Mushubati Sector, Rutsiro District, located in the Western Province and lies on the Congo Nile Crest. Rutsiro features many tourist attractions on the shores of Lake Kivu. KOPAKAMA CWS process coffee from trees grown on steep hills at high altitude by cooperative members and neighbors. With KOPAKAMA cooperatives, our members have benefited from getting jobs at the CWS in addition to supply cherries. The CWS is operating from 2005 and is owned by a cooperative known as KOPAKAMA which is supported by MISOZI which is an umbrella for many cooperatives that grow and process coffee to assist them for promotion and export of their coffees.


Roast Level: City (Super LIGHT)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Mushubati Sector
Flavor Notes: Sweet, Red Grape, Juicy
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Kopakama Co-op
Altitude: 1700-2000m
Grade: 1
Varietal: Unknown Arabica
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