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Panama Santa Teresa Washed Coffee

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Roast Level: City Plus (Light)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Chiriqui
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Berries, Citrus
Certification: Direct Trade / UTZ
Farm Finca Santa Teresa
Altitude 1400-1800m
Varietal Bourbon


Panamanian coffees never seem to disappoint, especially in 2017.  This coffee is a replacement to the popular Don Pepe. We personally like it better.  It doesn't hurt that the farm is UTZ certified too.

Tasting Notes

This coffee generates a nice smooth cup of coffee. The roast level we like on this Panama coffee bean draws out the chocolate and berries and leaves some of the citruses in the background.  If we went darker, it'd be a good rich chocolate coffee, but I cannot resist the mix of summer berries in this coffee, so we pushed the chocolate down and drew out those flavors.  Granted, this is not a highly fruited cup of coffee... it's no dry process Ethiopian, but it still possesses that bold flavor. It is truly a great smooth chocolatey Panama coffee.  We recommend you brew this one hot, but when it cools or is served on ice, it is also quite amazing!

About The Farm / Producer

Finca Santa Teresa is blessed with rich black volcanic soil, a high altitude location and favorable weather patterns associated with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; this results in coffees of unique quality. The Finca is located along a series of beautiful valleys and ridges which create a variety of micro-climates and give individuality to each of their lots.

The Finca is located at 1400-1800m, and the coffee planting is interspaced by live barriers, streams, and broad sections of virgin forest. Squirrel monkeys and many of the 600 species of birds in the area are often seen in and around the Finca. 

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