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Geisha Coffee:

What makes a Geisha coffee so special?  How can it possibly be so expensive? Well basically it's a hybrid varietal of the coffee plant that only grows in a few places and scores amazingly well in every cupping competition.  And this one isn't just any Geisha coffee, this one comes from the world famous originator at Hacienda La Esmeralda farm.  It is a Central American grown coffee, but has a cup profile almost like an Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe.  This is my second ever lot of Geisha and this one is much better than the last one.  I was very excited to get my hands on the Esmeralda Private Collection and I cannot wait to ship some your way.

Tasting Notes:

Like nothing else you've ever tasted.  However, I have to say this isn't for everyone. Don't drink it like a daily cup of coffee.  It is roasted very light and slow with low heat, because I want to draw out everything that makes it unique and delicious.  However, that means it doesn't taste like a typical Sagebrush Coffee. I believe it is much better and worth trying. I honestly, can't even describe it. There is a nice anise aroma to the dry grounds. the first sips show up floral and smooth like a great green tea, but then I pick up a delicious fruited undertone almost like a white wine grape in the finish.


Panama Geisha is grown in the highlands of the Boquete region in the Chiriqui Province of western Panama. The particular coffee that is being offered here was Esmerelda Special grown by the farm Hacienda La Esmerelda where elevations are from 1,450 to 1,700 feet above sea level on the slopes of Mt. Maru.

Roasting & Shipping Schedule

We're only shipping this coffee in 8oz bags, packed in their own boxes.  Depending on sales volume, we may only ship it once a week, separate from the rest of your order (if other coffees are ordered with it).


Roast Level: City (Light)
Processing: Washed (Wet) Process
Varietal: Geisha
Flavor Notes: Green Tea, Unique, Like Nothing Else
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Hacienda La Esmeralda
Altitude 1500m
Region Boquete

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