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Three amazing coffees from a single farm.  At first impulse, you'd think they're going to taste the same, or maybe even a little similar.  But they are very different.

Each of these coffees uses a different coffee processing method.  To read more about coffee processing, check out this article.  But if you want to reader's digest version, here it is.

Dry Process: The coffee cherries are dried with the skins on, and they produce a more fruited and rich cup.

Wet Process: The coffee cherries are washed, and the beans are dried clean.  This process shows the best version of the coffee origin and produces a most complex cup.

Honey Process: The coffee cherries are dried with the pulp, but no skin on them.  These are the sweetest version of those coffees.

I highly recommend trying this three pack, because you'll get to see these processes on full display and it will help you determine which process is your favorite.

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