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Organic Coffee – Panama Boquete Duncan

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We roast the Organic coffee from Panama to a level that gives a fruit character like red currants, tart and juicy, when warm before cooling sweeter into something citric like a mandarin.

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  • Tasting Notes

    This is some of the best coffee we have had from Panama. The Duncan estate seems to be producing incredibly sweet coffee. The fragrance of this coffee has a honeyed sweetness perfumes and ranges from graham cracker to honey wheat bread to floral essence itself. I can’t begin to describe the layers of flavor in this coffee. When we were trying to break it down for the photo shoot, we just kept going back to creamy…this coffee has a strong creamy caramel note. We roast it to a level that gives a fruit character like red currants, tart and juicy, when warm before cooling sweeter into something citric like a mandarin or clementine. The sweet nature of the fruit itself was apparent along with the tart and tannic notes we associate the skin of the apple. Its round and complete which holds the rest of the flavor components of the coffee into balance. This Estate makes a fantastic cup of coffee. This is a limited lot, so buy it now while we still have it.

  • Panama Boquete Duncan Production

    Duncan Estate is an organic certified coffee farm perched on the slopes of the Baru Volcano above the town of Boquete in Northern Panama. Duncan Estate sits at altitudes ranging around 1,700 masl in an area of Boquete known as Volancito.

  • Packaging Note:

    This coffee is roasted to order within 24-48 hours of order. We recommend 2 days rest after roast, so this will be ready to drink when you receive it.

  • Geography:

    Panama is a country located in the Central America region of North America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama is located on the narrow and low Isthmus of Panama. This S-shaped isthmus is situated between 7° and 10° north latitude and 77° and 83° west longitude. Panama encompasses approximately 77,082 square kilometers, is 772 kilometers in length, and is between 60 and 177 kilometers in width.

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Every cup seems to a new flavor- an enjoyable flavor. I sure like the Ethiopia coffees always good and this one of my favorites.

Best customer service!

I purchased the sampler 2 pack and received the Kenya Gold and the Costa Rica which is a rich honey process ! They both are great.. Ground for my Kuerig

Very strong but not in flavor

Maybe I ordered the wrong coffee?

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This is I think one of our favorites! My wife who is Russian says its like fine caviar! We will be ordering more!!!

Excellent coffee, excellent service, delivered fast.

Needed a quick gift for clients that understand quality. Received Sagebrush coffee within two days. Clients loved it.