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 When I asked my mom what her current favorite coffees were, the ones that she mentioned were Guatemala La Bolsa Gold Label and Brazil Natural Salto Estate. My mom tends to gravitate towards Latin American origins with flavor notes that are sweet, nutty, and rich. Along with drip coffee, she enjoys using these coffees for cold brew. My mom often says that she never has to add sweetener because the natural flavors are so smooth and chocolatey.

For Mother's Day, I created an exclusive coffee bundle inspired by my mom's two favorites!

Coffees Included: 

Guatemala La Bolsa Gold Label:

This coffee is both creamy and smooth. The caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavors combine beautifully.  As it cools, I taste almost a malted milk ball. Every time I make a cup of this coffee I always say, "I love that new Guatemalan coffee." There is an expected nuttiness to it, but it isn't overwhelming enough to even mention or highlight... the caramel is just too good.  

Brazil Natural Salto Estate: 

I don't know how I keep finding them, but it seems like every year we are able to get an even better dry process Brazilian coffee than the year before. This one has everything that is unique to the country. I feel like I'm eating a delicious malted milk ball with a hint of fruit and honey. It is an exceptional espresso but doesn't miss a note as a drip coffee or in a french press.

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