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Kenyan Coffee – Nyeri Gaturiri AA

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This Kenya Coffee is the perfect epitome of a stone fruit as it combines all of those flavor components – its tannic like the skin of peach, juicy and sweet like the ripe fruit and just ever so slightly tart like the fruit closest to the pit.

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  • Tasting Notes

    Our AA lot of Gaturiri has elements of fruit juice in large proportions, and with an intense, candy-like sweetness. The dry grounds smell like red fruit punch, with ripe apples and tropical fruits, along with dried flowers and honey comb. This lot of Gaturiri makes an incredible cup of coffee. When hot, it start off with a flavor of orange pekoe tea and toasted sugar, that opens up to naval orange, pineapple, and mango (to name a few) once it's cooled down a bit. Needless to say, this is a complex cup profile. The acidity is refreshing and reminds me of lemon spritzer. 

  • Kenya Coffee Nyeri Gaturiri Production

    Gaturiri is a "coffee factory", a cooperative wet-processing mill, near the town of Karatina in the heart of Nyeri. We have an incredible lot of Gatomboya, another "factory" that is part of the same cooperative group as Gaturiri, Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society. So we have been buying from the same family of coffees lately. AA refers to the screen size, which is 17-19 screen. It doesn't necessarily speak to the quality, however, this AA lot has a much brighter, citric acidity than its AB counterpart, as well as juicy fruit flavors. One of our more expensive Kenya offerings, we pay a premium to ensure it stays out of the auction. This lot is vacuum packed at origin, which is the absolute best way to ensure maximum freshness (which we're reminded of every time we pop one open..."ahhhhhhhhh").

  • Packaging Note:

    This coffee is roasted to order within 24-48 hours of order. We recommend 2 days rest after roast, so this will be ready to drink when you receive it.

  • Geography:

    The geography of Kenya is diverse. Kenya has a coastline on the Indian Ocean, which contains swamps of East African mangroves. Inland are broad plains and numerous hills. Central and Western Kenya is characterised by the Kenyan Rift Valley home to two of Africa’s highest mountains, Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon.The Kakamega Forest in western Kenya is relic of an East African rainforest. Much larger is Mau Forest, the largest forest complex in East Africa.

    The climate of Kenya varies by location, from mostly cool every day, to always warm/hot. The climate along the coast is tropical. This means rainfall and temperatures are higher throughout the year. At the coastal city Mombasa, the air changes from cool to hot, almost every day (see chart below). The further inside Kenya, the more arid the climate becomes. An arid climate is nearly devoid of rainfall, and temperature swings widely according to the general time of the day/night. For many areas of Kenya, the daytime temperature rises about 12 C (corresponding to a rise of about 22F), almost every day.

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