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Kenya Nyrei Karogoto AA Gold Label Coffee

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Tasting Notes:

Our last Kenyan Gold label was the coffee that caused us to even start offering Gold label coffees.  It was amazing and inspired the blog post, "Please Don't Order Kenyan Gold".  Well, you guys have gone and done it and bought up all of our Kenyan Gold. That sent us on a long search for something that compares and I think we've found it with this coffee.  Part of this coffees brilliance is its versatility. 

This bean is another limited batch Kenyan that I will be surprised if I can reorder.  

Now for the cupping notes.  I always like to roast a sample batch on the lighter side.  I think it gives me a clue into what this coffee can become.  This one got better as I roasted it darker (which is atypical of a Kenyan coffee).  It has a plum / apricot sweetness to it.  That subtle sweetness that is almost in the background. On a separate note, we had goat cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped dates on vacation last week, those were incredible. I roast this bean just past the point I sampled it, because I like it when those subtle stone fruits start to caramelize.  It added a little sweetness to the cup and it's like drinking that burned sugar coated fruit candy.  So good!


Roast Level: City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Producer: Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS)
Flavor Notes: Plum & Apricot Jam
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Karogoto Factory
Altitude 1900 Meters
Region Nyeri
Varietal SL-28, SL-34


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