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Kenya Murang'a Ndiara Co-op Coffee Beans

Sagebrush Coffee

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Tasting Notes

Kenyan beans are one of the most unique coffee beans of any country of origin.  It's been a while since we offered a coffee that really showcases what these coffees can be.  This one is light and delicious.  A wave a caramel will hit you when you start drinking it.  Then brush of pineapple juiciness finishes the cup.  


Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Murang'a
Flavor Notes: Pineapple, Rose, Caramel
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Ndiara Cooperative
Altitude 1650-1800m
Grade AA
Varietal SL 28

About The Farm / Origin

The Ndiara Cooperative is located in Central Kenya in Murang'a County and has been at the forefront of the quality coffee movement in Kenya for decades. All 1230 farms in the cooperative contribute to producing exceptional coffees each year. They consistently produce top quality coffee that represents that classic Kenyan profile.