Guatemala Las Camelias

Out of Stock Notice:

As of October of 2017, we have sold out of this coffee. We have a new Guatemalan coffees that scored better on our cupping table, especially as an iced or cold brew coffee. Go over and grab that coffee if you're in the mood for this one, you won't be disappointed.

Tasting Notes

Guatemalan coffees are always our best sellers.  The La Bolsa farm has become our perennial favorite, and this Las Camelias lot is no slouch. We photographed this one with vanilla cupcakes to highlight the sweet vanilla flavors in this bean.  But it has the almond nuttiness that we love from many Guatemalan coffees.  Then it finishes with nice smooth chocolate.

Guatemala La Bolsa Coffee Production

In 1958, Jorge Vides, the grandfather of the family, founded Finca La Bolsa; a coffee plantation located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango. While being a full-time doctor, his main hobby was the farm. Jorge Vides bought this land, which was then covered in forests, and proceeded to cultivate bourbon and caturra coffee varieties. His humanitarian sense extended beyond coffee production. In 1980, he founded a school that still runs on the farm, which has since been named after him and authorized by Ministry of Education.  Four years later , Anacafé called him 'Distinguished Coffee Grower' due to his success in production work.

Today, Finca La Bolsa is operated by third generation farmers who continue to believe that business relationships with roasters and importers are based on consistent quality and passion for coffee. 


Roast Level: City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Flavor Notes: Vanilla, Almonds, Chocolate
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: La Bolsa
Altitude: 1400-1600m
Grade: N/A
Various Arabica Varietals (SHB Grade)
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