Ethiopia Sidamo SWP Decaf

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Our coffee orders are roasted and shipped the day after the order is placed. However if you would like us to wait a few days, just let us know by requesting a different roasting date at checkout.

Tasting Notes:

We served this coffee at a dinner party recently.  People were shocked, first that it was decaf and second that it was better than what I usually serve.  Everyone was talking about the flavors they tasted in it. When we cupped it originally I tasted floral notes with a black tea finish.  As I developed the roast and drink it more, I notice a nice dark chocolate undertone with a crisp apple finish.  All typical of an excellent Sidamo coffee.  This is definitely one of those.


Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Swiss Water Process
Region: Sidamo
Flavor Notes: Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Crisp Apple
Certification: Direct Trade, Strictly Hard Beans (SHB)
Farm: ECX
Grade: 16/18
Varietal Mixed Heirloom (Arabica)
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