Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Espresso

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Our coffee orders are roasted and shipped the day after the order is placed. However if you would like us to wait a few days, just let us know by requesting a different roasting date at checkout.

Tasting Notes

This Dry Process Ethiopian coffee bean is not like the typical dry process Ethiopians coffees that we've offered in the past.  It has everything that is unique to the country: complexity and boldness in a smooth cup.  But I've noticed more hazelnut and dried fruit than most Ethiopian coffees.  Roasting this one dark has really made it shine.

Espresso Roast Note

It has been several years since we've launched a coffee with a specific roast.  We took that away because we felt like we were selling some coffees short by saying they were espresso roasts.  Many of those coffees could stand in all brewing methods, but they were roasted specifically with Espresso in mind.  Therefore, we started adding filters to show recommended brewing methods.

However, the success of the the Brazilian Fazenda Sertao espresso roast coffee, we may have been wrong to keep a coffee at a certain roast level. The roast profile has come in and helped eliminate confusion.  Now, we're worried people will only brew these for espresso, because we have made some amazing V60 pour overs with this bean.


Roast Level: Full City + (Dark)
Processing: Natural (Dry Process)
Region: Sidamo
Flavor Notes: Hazelnut, Dried Fruit
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Various
Altitude: 1900-2000m
Grade: 3
Varietal: Heirloom (Arabica)
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