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Ethiopia Lomi Tasha Coffee

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Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Flavor Notes: Lemon Drop Candy, Green Tea
Three Word Description Sweet Lemon Tea

Tasting Notes:

This coffee is back for this season and better than ever.  If you're looking for a perfect, washed, clean Ethiopian coffee, you need to look no further.

Grade 1 Sidamo, are there any sweeter words? I don't think so and that's why I'm so excited about this coffee.  I drink so much coffee that its hard to pick a favorite, but I've found that top tier Sidamos always make it to the top of my list. One of the subtleties to this coffee that I really love is that there is a distinct lemon drop candy flavor to it, but not the sour part. Just a good subtle lemon undertone with sugary sweetness. It also has a green tea finish. The more I drink this one, the more I enjoy it.

This was a very high-scoring coffee. It is also home to some the most beautiful coffees in the world. This lot is in an area of Sidamo with a range of 1,750-2,000 meters. This lot is a "clean" version of the process with its wide array of fruit characteristics easily perceptible. This coffee was prepared to Grade 1 specifications, and while we still have occasional quaker beans in the roast (from under-ripe cherries), these are minimal compared to other super-grade washed coffees.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely fantastic of my favorites...

I really really love this coffee....It is so good, I look forward to waking up to this coffee and then drinking even more of it....It has such a wonderful taste to it...Chocolaty....with a hint of green tea and a a bit like a lemon drop....I hope Sagebrush keeps more of it in stock, because this will become one of my monthly coffees as long as it is around....

Fickle Coffee Lover Finds Another Favorite ...

It seems like each next coffee I sample is excellent in it’s own way and this Ethiopian Coffee continues the tradition. Elevation matters and this coffee is the end result, subtle flavors, sweet and delicious to the last drop!


I do like the Ethiopian Loma Tasha coffee. Brewed up a pot using my new Moccamaster brewing system. Awwwwwwesome! I'm thinking of brewing up nice container of Cold Brew with my Toddy maker. I believe the Loma Tasha should work quite well for Cold Brewing, and that way I need only add an amount to some fresh brew froth up some milk with just a hint of pure cocoa. I have to tell you, it will be absolute ambrosia in a coffee mug.

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New Flavors

Every cup seems to a new flavor- an enjoyable flavor. I sure like the Ethiopia coffees always good and this one of my favorites.

Best customer service!

I purchased the sampler 2 pack and received the Kenya Gold and the Costa Rica which is a rich honey process ! They both are great.. Ground for my Kuerig

Very strong but not in flavor

Maybe I ordered the wrong coffee?

Guatemala Antigua Santos Coffee

This is I think one of our favorites! My wife who is Russian says its like fine caviar! We will be ordering more!!!

Excellent coffee, excellent service, delivered fast.

Needed a quick gift for clients that understand quality. Received Sagebrush coffee within two days. Clients loved it.