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I ordered a small batch of this with the intention to buy more, but was unable to pick any up in time.  So we put this as a limited stock Gold Label.  Honestly, I wish I'd jumped on it and bought a season's worth. As I write this, I'm saddened by how little we have of this bean.  I have a feeling we will not make many friends by my mistake in ordering so little of this coffee.  This will probably be my favorite washed Ethiopian of 2017.

Tasting Notes

This washed Ethiopian coffee bean is everything you want in a perfect Yirgacheffe.  It is clean, complex, slightly fruited and perfectly floral.  It has a nice complex aged black tea mouthfeel with crisp graham cracker notes.  We roast it light to medium to draw as much of this complexity out of it.  

Coffee Production / Farm:

Gedeb District is located in the the southern part of the Yirga Cheffe zone, and is also the name of the site where the coffee is collected and dried on elevated beds. This Gedeb site has roughly 700 local farmers who bring their coffee here for wet-processing, drying and hand-sorting. The farms are little more than large 'gardens' adjacent to homes, growing heirloom varietals native to the region. Farmers deliver their coffee as whole cherry to the station where it is graded, fully washed, and then laid out on drying beds. The coffee is again sorted after dry-milling in order to identify any additional defects that were missed at the drying beds. Competition in the region for cherry is quite strong so farmers are paid well, especially for ripe cherry selection. This year's price to farmers was increased from last years rates because of competition among washing stations, a win for the growers.


Roast Level: City + (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Yirgacheffe
Flavor Notes: Graham Cracker, Floral, Assam Tea, with a hint of lime
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Gedeb Asasa
Altitude: 1900-2000m
Grade: 1 (15+ Screen)
Varietal: Heirloom (Arabica)

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