El Salvador Finca San Marcelino

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Tasting Notes:

I struggle when I add El Salvador coffees to our site.  Because they are some of my favorites, but it is a country of origin that doesn't see the acclaim as Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sumatra.  It seems that they sell slower than I would expect.  So when I decided to add this one, it had to be exceptional, and it is.

This coffee is the nuttiest offering that we've had in a while, but it's smooth and sweet like caramel or amaretto.  If you like a nutty coffee, you need to look no further.


Finca San Marcelino is a cooperative of small producers consisting of 391 members and has been working on the farm since 1980. We are proud to have a sustainable coffee farm and are committed to our members and their families and support their integral development. The farm is located between two volcanoes and is home to many different kinds of animals and plants which is why all our productions are Rainforest Certified.


Roast Level: City + (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Canton San Isidro, Izalco, Sonsonate
Flavor Notes: Almond, Amaretto, Caramel
Certification: Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance
Finca San Marcelino
Altitude: 1300-1650m
Varietal: Orange Bourbon
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