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 I struggle when I add El Salvador coffees to our site.  Because they are some of my favorites, but it is a country of origin that doesn't see the acclaim as Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sumatra.  It seems that they sell slower than I would expect.  So when I decided to add this one, it had to be exceptional, and it is.

I love the smooth mango notes as you sip it, with a nice chocolatey feel as it moves to the back of my palette.  This bourbon bean reminds me of a great Panama coffee, in its chocolate richness, but the bright acidity (which is a great thing), reminds you that this is truly a unique bean.  Every time I drink it, I'm forced to say, "That's a great cup of coffee."


La Argentina is located in the foothills of the Santa Ana Volcano, Ilamatepec, a few meters from the crater. It has an ideal climate for the development of coffee. Traditionally the work is made by local people. Many cultural practices have been developed: handling of plantation, pruning coffee appreciatively, performing fertilizer and soil applications with foliar ways, and controlling weeds manually with organic green label to prevent pests and diseases.


Roast Level: City  (Light)
Processing: Honey
Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec
Flavor Notes: Tropical Fruit (Mango), Chocolate, Light Citrus
Certification: Direct Trade
 Finca La Argentina
Altitude: 1350-1450m
Varietal: Bourbon

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