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Our coffee orders are roasted and shipped the day after the order is placed. However if you would like us to wait a few days, just let us know by requesting a different roasting date at checkout.

Bundle Description:

The Dark & Bold bundle is back and better than ever.  This bundle is for people that enjoy a stronger more bold cup of coffee. We've decided to include the growingly popular Brazilian Espresso roast and pair it with the dark roast Sumatran coffee.  This will give you a big, bold cup of coffee with a smooth rich taste.

Coffees Included:

This year's Dry Process Brazilian coffee is exceptional.  It has everything that is unique to the country. The nutty sweetness and delicious chocolatey smooth cup.  This dry process is super clean and slightly juicy.  When I was a kid my mom always put a Terry's chocolate orange in the bottom of my stocking (I mean, Santa kids...it was really Santa).  This coffee reminds me of that.

The other bold coffee that we're pairing up is the Sumatra Bergandal.  Its flavors are drawn out the most when it's roasted on the darker end of the spectrum.  For those of you that know more about the roasting process, we still never hit the 2nd crack, but we get pretty darn close.  The 2nd crack of the roasting process adds a bitter unwanted burnt taste to the bean.  That is avoided at all costs, but because this bean needs a dark roast to get the perfect chocolate flavor, we feel it's necessary to roast it a bit darker.  That roasting process really captures the best Sumatran coffee flavor.

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