Roaster's Choice Sampler Pack

Number of Samples
Coffee Grind

Answer 2 Questions, Get 2 Samples.

We will ship out 6oz samples of coffees that we think you'll love. The questions are open ended, so feel free to be as descriptive as possible about what you like.

A little more background about this sample pack:

We have been able to offer a wide variety coffees for our customers for a while now.  The most common question we receive is, "What coffee do you think I'd like?" You'd be surprised how easy that question is to answer.  In fact, we're so confident in our ability to pick out your next favorite coffee that we've created a sample pack that we will use to custom select the perfect coffee for you.  We will make this custom sample pack based on the two simple questions listed above.  We hope this helps change the way you buy and drink coffee.

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