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I ordered the sample of this coffee with high expectations.  In fact, I had such high expectations that I ordered a full bag without having sampled it.  I figured, if its great, I'll be first in line and if it isn't so good, I'm not too committed with just 1 bag.  Well it was exceptional.  For the next couple of weeks I started roasting from that bag to drink myself.  We took it with us on vacation and loved it all week.  I then called up our supplier and they only had 1 bag left.  Well shoot, my favorite Colombian coffee and I have a limited supply.  My thought, make it a Gold label and then it will be around for a couple of months.  So here you have it, a limited stock exceptional Gold Label Colombian coffee.

So what does it taste like, you ask?  Well, it tastes like it already has cream in it.  I know that sounds odd and exaggerated, but I honestly have never had a cup of black coffee this creamy before.  It also has an obvious Pecan aroma and finish.  I catch a little bit of stone fruit in there too, but the pecan / creaminess is so pronounced, I think any other flavors are too muted to really mention.  

This coffee is very good and I will be setting some aside as we run low, because it is my wife Jenna's favorite.  In fact, if you call us and ask for advice on a coffee, I'm guessing Jenna will direct you to this bean every time until we run out.  I haven't seen her get this excited about a coffee in a long time.  I think the last time was when we first received the now sold out Costa Rica Terra Bella.


Roast Level: City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Washed, Wet Process
Producer: Alvaro Gutierrez
Flavor Notes: Super Creamy, Pecans
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Bella Vista
Altitude 1600 Meters


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