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Gold Label Coffee Sampler Gift Pack

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We offer Gold Label coffees that are the best of the best of what we're able to get our hands on.  We then work hard to roast it in a way to bring the best out of the coffee.  This sampler pack is a great way to try all three of these premium offerings.  This bundle consists of 3 6oz or 8oz bags (your choice) to give you a chance to sample 3 of our current favorite Gold Label coffees.  This really is the perfect gift pack.

Guatemala La Bolsa Gold Label

This coffee is both creamy and smooth.  The caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavors combine beautifully.  As it cools, I taste almost a malted milk ball.  Every time I make a cup of this coffee I always say, "I love that new Guatemalan coffee."  There is an expected nuttiness to it, but it isn't overwhelming enough to even mention or highlight... the caramel is just too good.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Gold Label

The first moment I tasted this coffee, I thought, "Amaretto".  I sipped it again and thought, "Oh, that's good."  As I went through and did my full analysis (Flavor, Finish, aroma, complexity, etc.), I couldn't help but think that this is just a good clean flavorful cup of coffee.  This is the first washed Ethiopian Gold Label in a while and it lives up to the billing.

Sumatra Kerinci Valley Gold Label 

Brighter and more layered than your average Sumatran, this coffee has a confident Chocolate undertone, but with a bit of tartness (not sour!) around the edges.  Do I detect a bit of Cherry...?

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