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Burundi Nemba Gold Label

Grind Level Guide

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Tasting Notes

It has been a while since I roasted a new coffee and then the entire week after that I drank that same coffee daily. It seemed like every morning, my day started with the statement, "I love that new Burundi coffee."  On the cupping table, I noted Green Apple and Cherry flavor.  However, this week as my morning cup of coffee I just kept noticing a clean, complex, and delicious cup of coffee.


Roast Level: City + (Light)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Kayanza
Flavor Notes: Green Apple, Cherry, Juicy, Complex
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Nemba Washing Station
Altitude 1805m
Grade 1
Varietal Bourbon

About The Farm / Origin

Burundi produces exceptional and exotic coffees due to its perfect coffee growing conditions. Its volcanic soil, regular rainfall, high altitude, and thousand hills all contribute to the production of excellent coffee. The Nemba Washing Station was built in the late nineties and collects coffee cherries from micro plantations located on the surrounding high altitude hills close to the Conga-Nile Crest.

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