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Burundi Kayanza Masha Washing Station

Grind Level Guide

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Tasting Notes

Burundi coffees are always so good, a nice blend of subtle fruit and African coffee complexity.  This one has the mouthfeel of a nice dry red wine.  It is sweet and juicy like a fresh peach but also has a layered complexity.  Another way to describe this one is what most people say, "that's just a good cup of coffee."

About The Farm / Origin

Testi Trading PLC is a family owned company embedded at the origin to supply the specialty coffee industry with high-quality coffee beans. Their objective is quality and building long-term business relationships by showcasing professionalism and quality to the industry. Testi does diligent work through sorting and screening to get clean and quality beans for export and are very meticulous in processing while always adhering to quality standards to prepare and deliver nothing but high-quality beans to the specialty coffee industry.


Roast Level: City (Light)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Gihororo, Gatara Commune, Kayanza province
Flavor Notes: Complex, Peach, Red Wine, Sweet
Certification: Direct Trade
Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1675m
Grade: 1

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