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Burundi Heza Station Gold Label Coffee

Grind Level Guide

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Roast Level: City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Gitwe
Flavor Notes: Red Wine, Pleasant Dryness, Heavy Body, Medium Fruits
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Multiple
Altitude 2000m
Grade 1

Tasting Notes:

This coffee gives you everything you want to have in a great African coffee.  When I cupped it I immediately thought of some of the better Kenyans that we've offered.  The mouthfeel is similar to a nice rich dry red wine...maybe a dry merlot.  It has the heavier body of a good Ethiopian coffee, but is also crisp like a Kenyan.  I really enjoy this coffee.  The only problem is it is a very limited stock coffee and once it is gone, it is gone.

About The Farm / Origin:

This coffee is part of the Long Miles Coffee Project.  It is a small family endeavor, growing and producing unique micro-lots of coffee in the East African country of Burundi. They strive to grow and produce the best possible Burundian coffee while helping the coffee farming community for the better.  Long Miles Coffee Project also aims to connect roasters and coffee drinkers from around the world to the stories of Burundi and its coffee farms.

The Heza washing station is built into the side of a cliff facing the Kibira rainforest, which looms just 2.4 miles in the distance. To say Heza washing station is "remote" would be an understatement and yet the farming communities that live in the surrounding hills are special ones. Named by the Carlsons, Heza means "beautiful place" in Kirundi, the local language of Burundi.

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