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Sagebrush Coffee

Bold & Gold Starter Combo Pack


Bundle Description:  

We have had bundles for a while now and most of them are pairing two coffees that go well together.  We'll do our Two Favorites bundle or our Balanced & Smooth bundle.  We've had Dark and Bold ones or even an African Favorites.  This is one that is a little different.  We decided to take two coffees that we think show the breadth of what Sagebrush Coffee is.  We have a signature premium Ethiopian Coffee that is consistently a top seller and easily the best Ethiopian coffee we've offered all year.  We paired it with a top-selling Organic Honduras coffee.  I love this Honduras coffee, but it really is a chance to see what you can get from Sagebrush on a budget.  People comment that these are expensive coffees, but this Honduras is a spectacular coffee and doesn't hurt the budget like many of our others.  This bundle is a perfect introduction to Sagebrush Coffee.

Note: we normally offer our bundles in 12oz & 16oz bags.  Because of the limited nature of this one, we are only offering it in 16oz bags.  Feel free to buy them separately to get a smaller bag option. 

Coffees Included: 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Gold Label: 

The first moment I tasted this coffee, I thought, "Amaretto".  I sipped it again and thought, "Oh, that's good."  As I went through and did my full analysis (Flavor, Finish, aroma, complexity, etc.), I couldn't help but think that this is just a good clean flavorful cup of coffee.  This is the first washed Ethiopian Gold Label in a while and it lives up to the billing. 

Honduras Reserva Pacavita, Organic:  

Honduras coffees are complex for a Latin American coffee, but still smooth and nutty.  This one hits the nail on the head.  It has a nice almond / cocoa flavor with a citrus finish.  Every time I try a Honduras coffee I enjoy it and wonder why this isn't a more popular coffee growing country.

Order them together today!

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