Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder

In Stock, Ships USPS Priority

Shipping Note:

These grinders are in stock and available to ship out USPS Priority next day with a small coffee sample of Sagebrush Coffee.


    A Quick Note From Sagebrush Coffee Owner Matt Kellso

    This is the entry level Baratza grinder. Baratza coffee grinders are always our favorites and so if this is what you can afford, you will not be disappointed it.  It uses a steel burr and does a great job with anything from a course french press to a more fine pour over. If you're looking for a fine espresso grinder this is not the one I would recommend, but it can handle the job.  Most espresso machines need a fine consistent grind.  I would look at any of the other Baratza coffee grinders first.

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