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Our coffee orders are roasted and shipped the day after the order is placed. However if you would like us to wait a few days, just let us know by requesting a different roasting date at checkout.

Tasting Notes:

We have several coffee bundles available and in general, we try to pair two coffees that we think you'll love because they complement each other very well. Today though, I am excited about this bundle because they are a great contrast.  The Panama Natural is a rich chocolate heavy natural process coffee and I paired it with our smooth hazelnut Guatemalan coffee

Panama Santa Teresa Natural

This is the dry process version of our Panama coffee from our favorite farm. So we have my favorite coffee processing method from my favorite Panama coffee farm.  The flavor of this coffee is amazing.  It is rich and smooth.  It has a fruited note to it, that is like a blueberry.

Guatelama Antigua Santos: 

#1 selling coffee at Sagebrush Coffee ever.  That should be all that you need to know to get you to try this one.  However, I'll tell you that when we cupped this one several years ago for the first time, we were sold.  This coffee had such a great chocolate-hazelnut flavor (and I'm a sucker for hazelnut anything), we couldn't wait to get it to you.  Now we're at 2017 and after a year off from this coffee, I'm confident this year's crop is as good as ever.  I know it became a standby for many of you and I'm excited to be part of the direct trade chain so that we can continue to offer this coffee to you for another year.

These two chocolate-focused coffees are a dream come true for the intense chocolate lover.  Add a review and let us know which coffee you like better.

Order them together and save.

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