Our New Review Contest

Okay, here's the deal: 
We love reviews. They are a way to inform us whether our customers are satisfied or unsatisfied. They are a crucial source of our valued customers' input towards our product and they help us make decisions regarding the future of the majority of the coffees we sell. Because of this, we felt that we should be giving back to you guys through a contest. 

Here how it's going to go: our favorite review wins a free piece of merch!

Every week or so, we will scroll through the reviews that have been posted and no matter the star value, select the one that we feel is the most creative, the most insightful, or even the funniest review. We will then reward the reviewer with a free coupon code for a shirt, a hat, a mug, or a pack of stickers (your choice, not ours). This contest is a win-win as it gives us more constructive feedback about our product and gives you guys free stuff!


Review requests will come via email about 2 weeks after each purchase.  All reviews are worth 10% off any merch.


You can write a review now by going to the product page of the product you ordered and clicking, "Write a review".


Fine Print:  Review must be on a verified purchase and one review entry per week qualifies.