Remember when you could have an open notes test in school?  Consider this page your cheat sheet for Sagebrush Coffee.  I know that no one reads the words on a website, but I promise you if you read this you'll be glad you did.  Well, it's not a money or time back guarantee, but I did spend more time writing this than you will be reading it, so it seems like a fair trade.


All of the photos on this website were taken in our own studio.  We try to show you visually the nuanced flavors of the coffees we sell.  All coffees are shown on a tray with an example of what we believe are the strongest flavors in the coffee.  When you order the coffee, you should play the game, Do I taste what they taste.  It's a great game and plays well in a group.

No, it isn't.  Your favorite coffee was chocolate hazelnut.  We do not add any flavors or additives to our coffee beans and once you try pure, single origin coffee..once you try Sagebrush Fresh Roasted Coffee, you'll change your mind.  You'll start talking about coffee by country of origin.  You'll start to notice the fruity nuance of a Central American coffee and you'll remember the days when chocolate flavored coffee included syrup.

We spend a lot of time picking out our coffees.  We have a very small range of coffees, we chose our favorite country of origins and try to keep it to the best we could find from that country.  We do this for one purpose because we are too picky.  We test a bunch, too many to count, of coffees.  We only sell a few.  We do this to make sure that every single coffee on our site is incredible.  If you don't know what to buy, get the one with your favorite picture.  I bet you'll like it.  Work your way through the whole lot of them and let us know which you like the best.

When God created coffee He had fresh-roasted coffee in mind.  Time is our enemy.  It makes everything worse and coffee is not protected from that.  Of course, some things are better with time.  Coffee needs a day, sometimes a few to rest.  But give it a week or two and gravity or oxygen or the elements or whatever you want to call it will ruin it.  So we work hard to get our coffee to you as quickly as possible.c

We roast your coffee after you place an order. Since all Sagebrush Coffee is roasted to order, please allow up to 48 hours after your order is placed for the coffee to roast and ship. Our coffees are roasted Monday through Friday. We typically roast weekend orders first thing Monday morning, so they can be shipped out on Monday afternoon.Everything we ship is through USPS Priority Mail.  USPS Priority Mail estimates their package arrival 2-5 business days after the item is shipped.

We suggest that you only purchase enough coffee to last you up to 10-15 days as we find our coffee is best enjoyed within a couple of weeks from its roast date.

If your order is time sensitive and you want to ensure your coffee arrives by a specific date, please contact us at 480-258-1490 or and we will help determine the shipping options available.

Fresh coffee will look dry, rather than oily.  Oily?  Oily is bad?  But I buy my coffee from that popular place on the corner and all of their coffee is...Nevermind.

Once again...getting old sucks.  Old coffee is oily and loses some of the flavor nuances. So, you want to be sure the coffee you purchase has a nice, dry surface.  Although a vacuum sealed bag will retain aromatics within the bag, as soon as the bag is opened, those aromatics are released into the atmosphere. A sealed bag does not allow natural degassing to occur in a way that helps maintain the integrity of the bean and the balance of the flavor profile over time.

Also, darker roasted coffees excrete oils more quickly since the integrity of the bean is compromised by a longer roast which also diminishes the potential flavor nuances.

We ship everything in a sealed bag with a degassing value.  CO2 needs to leave the coffee, but not at the expense of letting Oxygen in.  The coffee will show up and seem like it isn't sealed.  That's the flavor staying awesome.  Squeeze the bag when you get it...that's the best part.  Smells so good.

We suggest that you drink your coffee within 10 days of the roast (ship) date to ensure you will have the best drinking experience possible. We roast to order daily so that you get to enjoy the best.

Sure...if you want to drive me nuts.  Please do not store it in the fridge or freezer.  Coffee is porous and will absorb the flavors around it. Using a metal container will impart a metallic taste to your beans, so please avoid those too.

The white flakes that you see in the grounds are actually coffee chaff. After the cherry that surrounds the coffee bean is removed, the bean is still encompassed by a thin, papery shell (similar to a peanut) that is called chaff, or pergamino. The chaff is removed during the dry milling process. However, small amounts of chaff stay in the fold of the coffee bean. If you look at a whole coffee bean, you will often see a small light colored stripe on one side. When you grind that bean, that small strip of parchment will look like white flakes.

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Coffee Grinds Explained

We currently offer 4 different coffee grind levels.  Listed below with descriptions.

Whole Bean: Unground coffee for a home grinder.

Coarse: Think sugar in the raw, maybe more coarse, recommended for Chemex Brewer, French Press, Cold Brew

Medium: Slightly coarser than table salt, recommended for Metal Kone filters, Flat bottom brewers including Kalitta, Cloth filters

Fine:  Slightly finer than table salt, recommended for V60 pour overs, Cone filter coffee pots, Moka Pot, Aeropress.

Extra Fine: Like powdered sugar, recommended for Espresso.

If at all possible, we recommend grinding at home. We prefer Baratza coffee grinders and offer several of their models for sale. Click here to shop for one of their brewers.