2017 Holiday Shipping Schedule

If you're thinking about ordering Sagebrush Coffee as a gift, I suggest you get in line and schedule that order ASAP.  We have a bunch of roasting capacity right now, but based on what we've seen the last couple of weeks, I expect the week before Christmas to be insane.

In fact, I expect to have to cap the days leading up to Christmas on a first come first serve basis.  This means, if you want a guaranteed Christmas delivery and Christmas week roasting, you need to order soon.

We will post on the website as we fill up days but I honestly don't know when that will be.  My guess is we will not be able to offer Christmas delivery for coffee ordered the week of Christmas.

So when do you want to schedule your roast date?

Monday        12/18 - Early shipment.
Tuesday        12/19 - Get the coffee by Friday, "play it safe" date
Wednesday  12/20 - USPS Priority Suggested Ship By Date
Thursday      12/21 - Probably too late unless you live in AZ.