I have already ordered two Latin American coffees that are impressing me.  I love the new Costa Rican Hacienda Sonora Natural coffee that we launched a couple of weeks ago.  It was an amazingly fruity coffee from a country not known for that trait.  I have a Brazilian coffee that is coming soon too.  A quick plug for Hackberry Tea too, because we just launched 6 new teas over there that are crazy good, my favorite is the White Coconut Creme.  To be honest, we've been working a lot on the tea side of the business and the Brazilian and next couple of new coffee offerings are put on hold while we roll out a new tea line-up that we are super excited about.  I think we're going to take that little side business to the next level this quarter.

But when new delicious coffee comes, old delicious coffee has to go.  There is only so much room in the shop and since coffee is a seasonal crop, these great coffees cannot last forever. Bali Paradise Valley was a new island and coffee for us last year and we were never disappointed in a single batch of that bright and vibrant coffee.  I'm sad to see if go and hope that it reappears in years to come.   El Salvador La Gloria was a fun offering, because we got to see the producer Anny Ruth in our shop last year.  The coffee was a rich and sweet unique coffee. The last one coming to an end is our Costa Rican Decaf.  I've talked about our Swiss Water Process Decafs before because they really are some of the best decafs around.  We currently have 3 available and the life of the Costa Rican is running out.

Decaf - Costa Rica Central Valley Swiss Water Process Coffee Sagebrush Coffee from $20.89
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