An Explanation of the Honey / Semi-washed / Pulped Natural Coffee Processing Method:

This is easily the most confusing process out there. Maybe its because we call it 'honey process' and it has nothing to do with actual honey. This process is very similar to dry process coffee. Except the skin is removed before it is dried. As you can imagine, this makes for a very sticky / honey-like feel to the beans. These coffees are dried with the skins off. How much pulp is left on and how they're dried is a much longer discussion. The key is, they are basically a hybrid process that ends up with its own flavor profile. Some of the best and most popular coffees we've ever sold were honey processed (pour one out for Costa Rica Terra Bella).

When I taste a honey process coffee, I always notice a distinct sweetness to it. It doesn't get the fruitiness of a natural, but it definitely is more complex than a similar washed coffee. I have noticed a more syrupy body and in some beans a more rich flavor.

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