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This bundle features two of my favorite coffees that we have available today.  We start with my current favorite and then follow it with a new featured coffee.  Today we have the ones below. 

Coffees Included: 

Costa Rica Olman Aguilera Gold Label: 

I've been drinking this coffee every day for a week.  That is unusual for me, because we have so many types of coffees, that I'm constantly changing it up.  However, this is such a sweet and fruity cup of coffee, I just keep wanting more.  If you know me (or have read about my coffee preferences), you know that I'm partial to fruit-forward dry process coffees.  Most of those come from Ethiopia.  However, this Costa Rican is the best-fruited coffee we have in the shop.   

Guatemala Vista Al Bosque:

This Guatemalan coffee is pleasantly rich and bold, but has subtle fruit notes to it.  Earlier this year, we were sampling coffees and happened to have 12 Guatemalans hit the cupping table.  We were already offering 2 or 3 at the time and really didn't need a new one, but it was time to plan ahead and I wanted to try a new importer.  I'm glad I did because this cup just kept getting voted as a favorite. 

The dark chocolate and molasses finish pairs perfectly with its big body and juicy plum or fresh raspberry vibrancy.  This is not like the Guatemalan gold that makes a creamy chocolate cup.  This one is more dark chocolate and fruited almost syrupy cup of coffee.  Perfect for espresso or a french press.

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