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Kenya Kangocho Peaberry Premium Gold Label

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Tasting Notes

I sample coffees all of the time.  Every once in a while a coffee comes along and it blows you away.  This coffee is that coffee.  Even eating the whole coffee bean bursts with flavors of Lychee berry. I don't really know how to describe the flavors.  As I drink it I notice the lychee which seems to turn to strawberry as it cools.  There is definitely a sweet chocolate note and it is an oh so juicy cup.  Honestly, it's my favorite offering in a couple of years.

Why is it so expensive?  Because we just weren't able to get that much.  This is such a good cup of coffee, we kept it off of our wholesale and unroasted offerings list and reduced the batch size to keep it as a premium offering for people that really want to enjoy it.  Remember that Kenyan coffees are unique (My wife doesn't love it), but if you want 100% the best that a country known for complex and amazing coffees has to offer, you've found the right coffee. 

About The Farm / Origin

Kangocho Factory is near Karatina town in the Nyeri District of central Kenya and is part of the Gikanda Cooperative Society, which is made up from the Gichatha-ini, Kangocho, and Ndaro-ini Cooperatives. The name takes the first few letters of each factory/wet mill to arrive at GiKaNda. Through Sweet Maria's, we have offered coffees from both the Gichatha-ini and Ndaro-ini factories, but Kangocho has been a relatively recent addition. The Gikanda Farmers Coop Society consistently delivers phenomenal coffees and we're always excited to add their coffees to our offer list. They have a system where pickers are graded as A or B. "A" pickers are those who have been proven to deliver well-selected and sorted cherry, and they are invited to submit coffee on the "A" day, when a higher price is paid. "B" pickers are still yet-to-be-proven, or have had more immature beans and over-matures in their bags. They must come on the lowly "B" day and are paid less. Maybe it seems harsh, but there is no better way I have seen to create an incentive for quality harvesting, rather than mindless strip-picking of the coffee tree. (By the way, this A and B picker system has nothing to do with the AA or AB grade, that refers to screen size of the coffee at the dry mill only).


Roast Level: City Plus (Light / Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Nyeri
Flavor Notes: Lychee Berry, Strawberry & Chocolate, Complex
Certification: Direct Trade
SL-28, SL-34
Altitude: Unknown
Grade: Peaberry


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