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Honduras La Paz Johelita Honey

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Tasting Notes: 

I think that Honduras coffees are the best-kept secret in the coffee industry.  They are generally more complex than a typical Latin American coffee bean, but still have the smooth, rich and chocolatey notes that make them famous.  This one is a nice floral complexity but is a super sweet honey process coffee.  The mouthfeel is juicy and reminds me of a perfect green apple.  Grabbing this coffee will not disappoint.


Finca Johelita is owned by Mirna Vasquez.  The farms sits at 1600 meters above sea level and grows the Catuai varietal.


Roast Level:
City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Honey
Region: La Paz
Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Green Apple, Floral
Direct Trade
Farm: Finca Johelita
Altitude: 1600m
Varietal: Catuai (Arabica)


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