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 Tasting Notes:

We have a few coffee bundles available and in general, we try to pair two coffees that we think you'll love because they complement each other very well. Today though, I am excited about this bundle because they are two of our smoothest coffees. Your palette will thank you! 

Honduras Reserva Pacavita, Organic:

Honduras coffees are complex for a Latin American coffee, but still smooth and nutty. This one hits the nail on the head. It has a nice almond/cocoa flavor with a citrus finish. Every time I try a Honduras coffee I enjoy it and wonder why this isn't a more popular coffee growing country.

Ethiopia Tafachi Limu Faysel Washed:

I feel like I start every Ethiopian description talking about how Ethiopian coffees are always my favorite. Here is another one. I think its the complex flavor profiles that win me over. This one has a peach-like juiciness with a smooth caramel flavor. It has a floral, almost green tea finish. I am very impressed with this coffee and think it's the best value we have in the shop. 

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