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Recently the AeroPress took the coffee brewing community by storm.  Who would've expected a frisbee company to come up with a fantastic coffee brewer?  That is what happens when smart people ask right questions.  Alan Alder from Aerobie thought that air pressure could reduce brew time and therefore reduce the acidity.  He was right and in 2005 Aerobie brought an amazing little single cup brewer to market.  There are now AeroPress competitions all over the world.  It is a total immersion brewing system that does a fantastic job of removing bitterness from the beans. It is one of the most common workplace brewing systems because it is so easy to use and even simpler to clean.

We at Sagebrush Coffee are so proud to be authorized resellers of the Aeropress Coffee Maker.

About The AeroPress:

The AeroPress touts that it produces the smoothest cup of coffee.  It does this using the gentle air pressure to reduce the acidity in the coffee.  However, being a total immersion coffee brewing method, you know it's going to be a rich cup of coffee.  The micro filter helps ensure that this cup of coffee is super pure.  And depending on brewing method, you can brew a cup of coffee with an AeroPress in under 30 seconds.

How does the Aeropress compare to your typical French Press?  We believe it makes a smoother cup of coffee and it is alway way easier to clean up, thanks to the micro filter and the plunger.

The package that we offer includes the following:

  • A Stirrer
  • A Coffee Scoop
  • A Plastic Funnel
  • 350 mico-filters and the filter holder
  • Of course, the Aeropress

Grab an Aeropress today, and we'll ship it USPS Priority tomorrow.

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Aeropress purchase

Sagebrush's website was easy to navigate, Aeropress makes great coffee and espresso, shipping was quick, overall good experience.

Aero press coffee maker

Awesome and easy cup of coffee! Telling all my friends!



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Every cup seems to a new flavor- an enjoyable flavor. I sure like the Ethiopia coffees always good and this one of my favorites.

Best customer service!

I purchased the sampler 2 pack and received the Kenya Gold and the Costa Rica which is a rich honey process ! They both are great.. Ground for my Kuerig

Very strong but not in flavor

Maybe I ordered the wrong coffee?

Guatemala Antigua Santos Coffee

This is I think one of our favorites! My wife who is Russian says its like fine caviar! We will be ordering more!!!

Excellent coffee, excellent service, delivered fast.

Needed a quick gift for clients that understand quality. Received Sagebrush coffee within two days. Clients loved it.