Shipping Update

2020 was the first year in our history where we missed the Christmas cut-off for many of our packages.  That drove me nuts, so I have spent a lot of time in January looking at our shipping model and trying to find a solution so that won't happen again.  As I considered solutions, it became obvious to me that FedEx was WAY more consistent with their delivery times.  In fact, in my analysis, during the month of December, FedEx delivered every single package within their Christmas cut-off time, USPS only delivered by Christmas on 24% of their packages.  In December 60% of USPS's priority shipments took longer than a week and we haven't seen them get much better since then.  I have seen countless shipments get picked up from our shop and sit at the post office a mile away for 2-4 days before it even makes it downtown.  It seems obvious to switch to FedEx, except USPS is much less expensive than FedEx.  And to be honest, sometimes USPS is better.

So the problem I decided to solve was, "How can I make FedEx 2 day shipping as accessible as possible for the majority of our shipments?"

Today we are launching a new shipping policy that we believe solves that problem.  The biggest change you'll feel is we are no longer basing our free shipping threshold on a dollar amount, but instead it is based on number of bags and weight.  The policy below starts today:

  • On coffee orders of 1 bag of 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, or 16oz it will cost $5 for USPS shipping (4-7 days) and $7 for FedEx 2 day shipping.
  • On all coffee orders of 2 bags of more (any size) we offer FREE USPS shipping (4-7 days) and $2 for a FedEx 2 day shipping upgrade.
  • On all coffee orders of 2 pounds or more we upgrade to FedEx 2 day shipping for FREE.


I know this is quite different than anything we've done before and I hope you all embrace this new model.

The easiest way to think about it is:

  • 1 bag of coffee costs $5 (USPS) /$7 (FedEx) to ship
  • 2 bags of coffee cost $0 (USPS) / $2 (FedEx) to ship
  • 2lbs or more of coffee is free for FedEx and $1 for USPS