Please Don't Order Kenya Gold

Image of Kenya Gold Coffee At Sagebrush Coffee
Several weeks ago, this coffee made its way to my cupping table.  We blindly cupped it with several other great African coffees. Once the session was complete, I started to compile our in-house ratings and this one scored amazingly well.  However, it was more expensive than anything we've offered, so I had a difficult decision to make.  Do I leave it behind and sell the great coffees from that session at the price point you all are used to buying or do I order it and come up with a way to distinguish it from the others?  I chose to leave it behind.  However, it haunted me.  Not because I wanted you to drink it, but because I wanted to drink it.  I decided that I would order some, but just for myself.  After a couple of days, that seemed selfish, and quite frankly, I haven't had a chance to roast coffees just for myself lately.  So I bought it for Sagebrush Coffee, and Gold Label coffees were born.  

But here's the problem.  It is selling too well.  I'm not getting to drink as much of this coffee as I'd hoped.  So please stop ordering it.

*8/25/15 Note we ran out of this coffee recently, but the new one to avoid please is the Colombia Bella Vista.


First off, fantastic coffee…. Second, I hope people fully read this article, because they may think there is something wrong with it, which in NO way is there anything wrong with the Kenya Gold.In fact it is superb indeed!!

Michael March 18, 2015

Well done sir. It drew me in. Now I want to try it.
Sometimes “expensive” is a relative term. I enjoy very few expensive things. But there are surely expensive things i do enjoy. Rarely do i purchase something that i felt was over priced and not enjoy it. Cheese, beer, and olives are three things that fit that category. And luggage.
Great website. I can’t wait to order my sampler pack.

John Judge February 02, 2015

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