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A Good Week of Coffee

by Matthew Kellso November 09, 2015

I must confess, before this last week, I liked an occasional Aeropress, but it was not my favorite brewing method.  I felt like it was too smooth.  I know that sounds weird, but it's true.  However this week I brewed coffee only with the Aeropress and found that I can get the same delicious flavor out of it and enjoy it every single day without a desire to try a different brewing method.  That was a new experience for me. I also went for something new.  My normal brewing processes include measuring the coffee to the tenth of a gram, measuring the water temperature to the tenth of a degree and making sure the grind is just perfect.  I time everything and use apps that help me graph each pour for consistency.  I take it to a level that is beyond obnoxious, but not this week.  I left my scale alone, didn't use a thermometer and didn't measure the water.  Although it was painful to watch, it highlighted the beauty of the Aeropress.  It is truly the most forgiving brewing method on the planet.  The coffee this week was amazing.

So how did I do it?  Simple, I started with two scoops of delicious coffee ground for french press and put them in the plunger using the well known 'inverted' method.  I then added near boiling water up to the '1' mark on the press, stirred it and let it sit for about 45 seconds. After it steeped, I pressed the coffee into a standard 10oz coffee mug and filled the rest with the remaining water.  It was perfect.  

Matthew Kellso
Matthew Kellso

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June 14, 2016

Sounds like it gets the job done =) Thanks for sharing.

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