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Our Roast Profiles Part 1: The City Roast

by Matthew Kellso April 05, 2014

People often ask for a light roast or a dark roast.  I think they ask that because of the coffees they are currently drinking and what they think they like about those coffees.  The thing is, there is a lot more to the flavor that comes from each coffee than just the roast level.  When we get a new coffee we roast it along various roast profiles and try to draw out the flavors we like best in that particular bean.  Some flavors are distinct to a lighter or a darker roast coffee, but that isn't always the case.  Be sure to read our descriptions when determining the coffee you think you'd like best.

The first profile we'll talk about is the City roast.  This is the lightest and earliest roast level that we usually ship.  With City roast level, you tend to get the flavors of the origin of the coffee better (So a Sumatran is quite earthy, Latin American more creamy and African bolder).  It also is the toughest level to get right, because if you miss it, the coffee can be bitter, sour and underdeveloped.  Unfortunately, there is a trend in roasting houses to ship coffees that haven't yet hit the City roast level. They like the profile that comes with this super light roast.  Not me, I am not climbing aboard that bandwagon.  However, I love a well developed City Roast coffee, and we have several that are very good.

We use all five senses to determine the roast level.
Sight:         Splotchy/light brown and not oily at all.
Sound:       City roast comes right after the first crack.
Taste:         Bright, sweet and juicy.
Smell:         Maltiness is very distinct
Touch:        Bumpy, uneven surface
Matthew Kellso
Matthew Kellso

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